What type of alerts will I receive with the AHAS service?

Q: What type of alerts will I receive with the AHAS service?

A:AHAS subscribers in Lexington/Fayette County will receive alerts for emergencies including, but not limited to severe weather such as tornados, thunderstorms, flood warnings, ice-storms, snow; man-made disasters such as chemical fires and biological accidents, as well as locally declared emergencies including boil water notices, evacuations, and shelter-in-place warnings.

The AHAS system sends accessible alerts to subscribers who are Deaf, Blind, Hard of Hearing, or Deaf-Blind before, during, and after an emergency. AHAS alerts are delivered in accessible formats including American Sign Language (ASL) videos for Deaf who rely on ASL, English voice for persons who are blind, and English text for Hard of Hearing or Deaf individuals who read English. AHAS text messages are delivered to internet connected refreshable braille readers for Blind or Deaf and Blind individuals who use braille.

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